Monday, March 14, 2011

heartbroken says...

Those were the days yeah? The days when our responsibilities didn’t seem so overwhelming. The countless times we’ve cried only because we got a boo boo or didn’t get that new toy. We were too young back then to ever realize or ever begin to understand the pain of a broken heart. We had no clue what it was like to love. When we were little, the only people we associated with the term “love” was our family. The days whencooties were the reason boys stayed away from the girls. With so little an understanding, it never occurred to us how good we had it. Those were the days that we didn’t even know we were truly living for. 
Then as we got older, we discovered the tremendous ache our hearts could have for a single person. We found out that pinky promises still meant the world to us… and meant even more to be kept. Yet, we learned that no one ever really kept them. We lost sight of who we were and became too focused on the person we thought we “loved.” We put so much effort into making something work, in the end to have it all knocked to the ground by the person we thought was everything. We discovered the potential to love, and with it, also the potential to be broken.
Then as we got wiser, we made it more difficult for people to earn our trust. We started to build up these walls around us just to see who cared enough to push them down. We became more cautious with others. Our own friends and even the new people we came across. We convinced ourselves that we would never be good enough for anyone. We doubted that we had the kind of self worth to even be considered special by someone else.
Eventually at a much later time, we healed. We healed and learned how to love again. To love again in the hope that we wouldn’t go through the vicious cycle of being heart broken all over again. 
We’re all in search for love. We’re all waiting for it too. We are all hoping that we cross paths with that one special person who will love us as we are. Honestly and genuinely.

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